Thursday, October 18, 2018

Introduction: New campaign / new fan fiction

Hello everyone!

I'm W.S. "Sam" Quinton and this is my new blog.  I'll be telling the fictionalized stories of our brand new Shadowrun(tm) campaign which is beginning on October 21st, 2018.

This will be a little different than Tommy's Stories, as I'll be writing these fresh from the sessions and won't have the benefit of hindsight to see how certain elements may fit together.  This means that stories may link together in unexpected ways as play gives birth to new narratives.  I'm looking forward to the game and writing up exciting stories about it.

I have spoken to the other players in this campaign and asked them to write from their own perspective.  If they do, I'll include links to their blogs (or we may do one central one here, tbd!) on the entries I write.  It will be interesting to read of adventures from different player perspectives.

Below, you will see the character that I will be playing in the first session.  I intend to play this character throughout the campaign until such time as he dies or I replace him with another character.  I intend to chart the character growth, specifying how karma is earned and applied along the way.  This will be done at the bottom of page entries, apart from the narrative (as many people won't have interest in that stuff).

We are using several house rules that are incorporating, or derived from mission play, as well as house rules we've developed fit our style of play.  If you don't agree with those, well, I'm sorry but we're unlikely to change how we play.  I hope you'll still enjoy the narrative.

I write my fan fiction for fun and as a writing exercise. This blog is here for your enjoyment as well as mine. If you enjoy the stories you read here, please do share them with others (as I think it would be cool to have a lot of people reading these stories).

To be clear, this isn't going to be a reporting of the game sessions.  This is going to be fan fiction based on those sessions.  I fully acknowledge that these sessions will be sensationalized to some degree and the stories may differ from the actual play somewhat.  This will be done only in the interest of story development.

For this campaign we have adopted a common theme for all of our characters.  This is something we haven't done before with a Shadowrun campaign and we're really looking forward to it.  With this campaign, our characters were all foster children who resided together in a foster home (as children/young teenagers).  Now its a few years later and we're coming back together as a band of brothers, reunited in our new vocation as Shadowrunners.  The years apart have seen dramatic changes in each of us, so we'll be learning about each other as we go through the campaign.  As another common thread between us is that each character is awakened to some extent.  Our differences in traditions, areas of expertise, and beliefs reflect our diverse interests and reinforce the stark differences that have grown between us over the years since we last saw each other.

Yes, this may sound similar to a certain move released several years ago that was based (loosely) on a much older John Wayne movie (The Sons of Katie Elder, I believe it was called).  Yes, it sounds like its going to be a great deal of fun to me too!

Our group:

Cameron ~ real life profession Twitch Streamer
                   Character ~ Elias, AKA: O.S.O.K. (long range thaumaturgic sniper)
Chris ~ real life profession Tech support                                   
             Character ~ Tom Elder, AKA Hound: Detective dog shaman
James ~ real life profession college professor
              Character ~ Zack, Islamic Alchemist 
              Second Character (alternating)~ Scotty,  Brain-damaged burnout mage
Jarrod ~ real life profession Computer Code Monkey
              Character ~ Sebastian Elder, AKA 'Loki': master of lies, magician of deceit
Josh ~ real life profession Computer Code Monkey and professional martial artist
           Character ~ Avalanche (oni and serious hard case)
Me ~ real life professions ~ Trainer / tech support / author / game designer /publisher
          Character ~ John Elder (AKA "Stross")   Full hermetic magician / conspiracy theorist
          Note: 'Stross' is named in honor of the fantastic author, Charles Stross.

Shadowrun 5th Edition
Player:  Me
Character:  John Elder                                     A.K.A.: ‘Stross’  (Ace and Page of Wands)
Metatype:  Human                                          Ethnic Origin: Amerind/Anglo
SIN: UCAS Citizen 
Body: 1           Agility: 1         Reaction: 2      Strength: 1
Willpower: 6   Logic: 5           Intuition: 4      Charisma: 4
Edge: 4            Essence: 6       Initiative: 6      Magic: 6                                  Initiate Grade: 2


Metamagic techniques: Masking & Extended Masking

Sinner (5) ~ UCAS citizen, no registration as a magician on file, no registered weapons, last known address: 11220 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA 98133                                                                                  (Evergreen Washelli Columbarium Cemetary)

LifeStyle: Low (one month pre-paid) 114 16th Avenue CT SE                                                                 (just north of Wildwood Park)

Role-Playing Notes:
Believes that there are entities which dwell in the darkness beyond meta-human perception.  These beings are monsters of the Lovecraftian Mythos.  Secret societies, forbidden knowledge and wide spread conspiracies hide the existence of these monsters from the populace at large.

“There are monstrous horrors lurking in the depths of the metaplanes. I hate to be the one to tell you this:  Lovecraft did not write fiction.  There are several forces at play to conceal the truth behind lesser terrors, a choke hold on the investigative media, ridicule of those who stumble upon the truth, anti-psychotic drugs, and the insidious proliferation of fluoridated toothpaste.”
 ~ John Elder, age 13, statement made during his intake interview with the department of child protective services when asked the question, “Is there anything you want to tell us, John?”

Conjuring Skill Group: 5                        Athletics: 1
Counterspelling: 5                                  Etiquette: 1
Ritual Magic: 5                                       Unarmed combat: 1                                       
Spellcasting: 5                                         Stealth: 1
Assensing: 5                                            Perception: 6
Astral Combat: 5

Knowledge Skills/Languages:
Cityspeak (Native)                                                      Conspiracy Theories: 4
English 4                                                                     Astral Threats: 4
Salish 4                                                                       The Infected: 4
                                                                                    Magic Theory: 4
                                                                                    Seattle Gangs: 4 
Ritual of Attonement
Masking Ward
Obfuscating Ward


Combat Sense, Detect Enemies (extended area), Healing, Improved Invisibility, Mana Ball and Mana Bolt. 

1 month prepaid low lifestyle
street clothing 
armored clothing (old fashioned suit)
Lined coat
Ares Ranger Commlink (Equivalent of the Erika Elite)  Rating 4 with sim module/trode net in the fidora
Rating 6 optical binoculars


Kevin (last name unknown)  ~ 
Talismonger and Conspiracy theorist, Lovecraftian lore expert
Connection 3   Loyalty 1 (Kevin doesn't trust many people, they may agents)
Moves around constantly. 
Preferred method of contact, double blind drop box email account

Tracy Joseph
Blogger / Vlogger 
Connection 2   Loyalty 2 (writes a blog about supernatural goings-on in Seattle)
Presently she is working to build up her following and isn't above writing about things she picks up from her street warrior friends.  
Preferred method of contact: vidchat or in person (and on camera)

Joey Diamond
Bar and Grill owner /bartender (Joey's Whiskey and Ribs)
Connection 2  Loyalty 2 
His place caters to the awakened community of the Seattle streets
Preferred method of contact: come in during regular biz hours and order something.

Clothing (500 nuyen worth)
Armored Clothing (Old style suit)
Lined Coat
Ares Ranger Commlink (equivalent of of Erika Elite) Rating 4
~ with sim module/trode net (built into fedora)

Rating 6 Optical Binoculars

Moonstone Dust (3 units)

Nuyen: 3920

This looks like a lot of fun to play.  

First entry coming soon!


This page, like my others, carries an affiliate link to Amazon as well as links to Crowdfunding campaigns (sometimes my own) as well as to my Drip page (which is similar to Patreon but the platform is owned by KickStarter).  If you use the affiliate link to access Amazon, I earn a small royalty if/when you buys something there.  My Drip page offers subscribers a few different benefits, and will offer more as time passes.  Your support is appreciated.

Neither I, nor any of the other players owns Shadowrun(tm).  This blog does not trespass on exciting copyright to that intellectual property, nor does it condone doing so.  In all respects, rights to copyrighted material remain with their owners.  The stories here are based on game play.  These are fictionalized to make them fun to write, fun to read (I hope, anyway), and as a writing exercise.


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