Thursday, October 25, 2018

Journal Entry two: Coming Home

You can never go home again.
~ Unknown

1445 hours, local time

The overcast sky threatened another rainy day.

I got off the bus and turned my feet south, into a part of Pullyap where the buses no longer ran.  The neighborhood hadn't changed much.  Gang tags scarred crumbling apartment buildings, the potholes were full of acid rain, yelling voices and echoing gun shots shattered any hope of peace.  I was going home.

Wakes and funerals aren't my thing. The dead are nothing but matter without substance. The soul has moved on, whether it was torn from this violently or it aged away and left gracefully.  In my experience the later is an incredibly rare occurrence.  When Tom told me mom had died I felt a cold shock hit me.  I hadn't seen mom in weeks.  Now I wouldn't see her again.  Her body, her vessel in this world, was going to be laid to rest.  I went home for the wake, to pay my respects to the woman who had taken me into her home when so many others had rejected me.

Sebastian was waiting outside the house.  Tom stood next to him, his short robust form contrasting sharply with Sebastian's whip-thin physique.   "Tom, Sebastian, it's good to see you." I said.

It was good to see them.  Inside the house, mom's corpse lay awaiting our visitation.  Little did I know how strange things would turn...


We recorded the session so you can see the story unfold.  This is our first recorded session and it is raw footage. It hasn't been edited.

Warning:  One of the player characters has a bigoted flaw against trolls, which is ironic as the player in question almost always plays a troll.


  1. The Life and Times of Tom "Hound" Elder....growing up, bounced around from foster home to foster home, until Ma (Katie) decided she was gonna raise the scruffy little dwarf kid nobody else wanted to keep around. As a child Tom was always what they called nosey. He had to inquire about everything, always know who was on the call, where they were going, and why. It drove most people nuts dealing with him. Especially since he was so determined to get those answers. He was always closest to his foster brother John because he was always so jumpy when he went anywhere. Folks assumed it was cause he was scared of everything but John had ideas about what was "really going on in the world". Although Tom didn't see much evidence of that it intrigued him enough to be the brother that always volunteered to go with John to the store or anywhere and stick up for him with bullies when the time came. After Tom's native friend taught him about the Sioux spirits and their traditions, Tom had a run in with a talking dog one night at a party, after having too much to drink and going to relieve himself behind the dumpster in an alley. At first he thought it was just the booze, but eventually he came to realize the Dog Spirit had recognized him as a kindred spirit and was about to start teaching him tricks that would prove invaluable in his life later on. After most of his brothers moved out, Tom stayed in Seattle and checked in on Ma when he could. In the past few years he had been so busy with working cases he only got to make the occasional call to check on her. Of course she always assured him things were fine and not to worry. She also would fuss over if he was staying warm, eating enough, and express concern about his drinking. He always assured her he was fine...he learned from the best. Having learned that Ma had passed may just be the thing that breaks Tom though. He can't wait to see his brothers, but dreads the feelings he is going to have to tackle at losing the person who meant more to him than anyone In this whole stinkin' world.

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