Sunday, October 28, 2018

Journal Entry Three: Home is where the decapitated parent is

"Come out and play" ~ the Offspring

1535 hours, local time

There are times when you have to do something unpleasant to avoid an even greater disaster. So it was as I argued my brother how best to cut the head off my dead mother's corpse....

I do hope you enjoy the session.  We're still getting used to recording and I'm only loading raw footage at this time.  If / when I get editing software I'll clean up it up some (remove some of the language, etc).

In the meant time, I hope you it.



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  2. Man we got a lot of threads getting pulled in Puyallup. Am I missing anything?

    1. The Night Prowlers para-military troll gang wants the Elders cleared out. (With implied monetary encouragement)
    2. Brandon Walker wants to hire us to protect his research into mana tech. Build a forged prototype to get stolen.
    3. The caretaker was hired to get the Elder home inherited to them instead. (Possibly connected to the Prowlers?)
    4. Mom is a vampire
    5. Y'all are a bad influence on Zach. He was doing a good job of staying clean.
    6. John Elder is in desperate need of a hug.