Sunday, November 18, 2018

Journal Entry Five: What it's like to live Zacheria's life (By the player: James)

This week in "The Life of Zacheriah"

Wake up, I perform the morning prayer

I make an Increase Attribute (Logic) drink. force 6.
It gets a potency of 6. It will last 8 hours.
I suffer 1 stun drain.

I make a Shape Metal powder, force 8
It gets a potency 7. It will last 10 hours.
I suffer 2 stun drain.
I grade papers with a mild headache.

I take a leisurely walk through Puyallup to a non-DMZ. I order a cab.
Go to Wireless Warehouse with a shopping list:
Purchase Hardware tools (500)
Purchase 6 parts (1250 nuyen)
Purchase Exploit Plugin (900 nuyen)
I take the tubes to Freeway Park.
I perform the midday prayer
Go back home. Along the way I collect bits of scrap metal:
I perform the afternoon prayer
Drink a Logic Drink (3 hits, +3 to logic)
Make a Sleaze matrix attribute.
(Threshold 15, 15 minutes)
Successes: I push use edge to reroll failures and roll 9 hits on the first round. The Logic potion wears off. the next 15 minutes pass, I get 2 more hits. The next 15 minutes yields 2 more hits. Next 15, 3 hits. After one hour of work, I have successfully converted my commlink into a modified deck with a rating of 0/3/3/3. And an extra 2 dice for Hack on the Fly tests.
I log in to Amazonian Ultra using Jarrod's character Sebastian's account and order Dwarf and Satyr erotica. I make sure the Dwarf is a hardboiled detective type. Along with a DIY Home maintenance book and a some books on the Arts and Crafts architecture movement.
I use the Shape Metal powder to craft a faraday cage out of my desk drawer (hardware 5 hits). With the remaining time on the spell, I create a beautiful mesh screen to replace the window that was smashed by the troll gang. (Artisan 5 hits, with an edge to reroll failures) 
Learn Interior Design Academic Knowledge Skill at 2 (3 karma)
Learn Architecture Academic Knowledge Skill at 1 (1 karma)
I say my evening prayer
Boost Hacking skill to level 2 (4 karma)
I research all I can on the gangs of Puyallup.
I put my commlink into the faraday drawer.
I say my night prayer and go to bed.

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