Sunday, November 18, 2018

Journal Entry Five: What it's like to live Zacheria's life (By the player: James)

This week in "The Life of Zacheriah"

Wake up, I perform the morning prayer

I make an Increase Attribute (Logic) drink. force 6.
It gets a potency of 6. It will last 8 hours.
I suffer 1 stun drain.

I make a Shape Metal powder, force 8
It gets a potency 7. It will last 10 hours.
I suffer 2 stun drain.
I grade papers with a mild headache.

I take a leisurely walk through Puyallup to a non-DMZ. I order a cab.
Go to Wireless Warehouse with a shopping list:
Purchase Hardware tools (500)
Purchase 6 parts (1250 nuyen)
Purchase Exploit Plugin (900 nuyen)
I take the tubes to Freeway Park.
I perform the midday prayer
Go back home. Along the way I collect bits of scrap metal:
I perform the afternoon prayer
Drink a Logic Drink (3 hits, +3 to logic)
Make a Sleaze matrix attribute.
(Threshold 15, 15 minutes)
Successes: I push use edge to reroll failures and roll 9 hits on the first round. The Logic potion wears off. the next 15 minutes pass, I get 2 more hits. The next 15 minutes yields 2 more hits. Next 15, 3 hits. After one hour of work, I have successfully converted my commlink into a modified deck with a rating of 0/3/3/3. And an extra 2 dice for Hack on the Fly tests.
I log in to Amazonian Ultra using Jarrod's character Sebastian's account and order Dwarf and Satyr erotica. I make sure the Dwarf is a hardboiled detective type. Along with a DIY Home maintenance book and a some books on the Arts and Crafts architecture movement.
I use the Shape Metal powder to craft a faraday cage out of my desk drawer (hardware 5 hits). With the remaining time on the spell, I create a beautiful mesh screen to replace the window that was smashed by the troll gang. (Artisan 5 hits, with an edge to reroll failures) 
Learn Interior Design Academic Knowledge Skill at 2 (3 karma)
Learn Architecture Academic Knowledge Skill at 1 (1 karma)
I say my evening prayer
Boost Hacking skill to level 2 (4 karma)
I research all I can on the gangs of Puyallup.
I put my commlink into the faraday drawer.
I say my night prayer and go to bed.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Journal Entry Four: Night Terrors

There is a certain strength in the practice of rotating the game master duty.  In this session, I took over as GM to give Jarrod a rest.  I had to knock some of the rust off a bit, but it was a fun little horror story.

1850 hours, local time

I met Tracy at Joey's place.  The usual crowd was there in full force and the astral plane was alive with minor spirit forms.  She was waiting for me in a booth, looking just as pretty as the first time I had ever laid eyes on her.  I shook my head clear of thoughts I couldn't afford to entertain and slide into the bench seat across from her.

She hit with a disarming smile, "John! So good to see you!  I just saw Elias leave, he didn't seem to recognize me though."

My brother the Halloweener?  Strange coincidence that.  I was just about to ask if she thought it could have been a shapechanger when my commlink chimed furiously.

My brothers were messaging me ...

We ran a little long on this session and so it is found in two parts.  The link to part two is accessible on the end page of the the first part. 

Cameron is doing a full play through this week.  You can check out Cameron's stream HERE

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